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AGE GROUPS:              5-6 Yrs / 7-8 Yrs / 9-10 Yrs / 11-12 Yrs / 13-14 Yrs / 15-17 Yrs

                                      ** Age as of date of competition

                                      ** Age groups will be subject to change based on number of participants

                                      ** Male and Female athletes may or may not be split depending on number

                                         of participants



All 8 & under athletes will compete in flights of up to ten (10) athletes in two (2) rounds of both Warrior and Parkour courses

1.  Warrior Fitness Course #1 - Minimum of 6 obstacles alternating between upper and lower body obstacles finishing with warp wall

2.  Youth Parkour Set Course Speed Run

3.  Youth Parkour Open Course Speed Run



All 9 & up athletes will compete in flights of up to ten (10) athletes in up to three (3) rounds of both Warrior and Parkour courses

1.  Fitness Course #1 - Minimum of 6 obstacles alternating between upper and lower body obstacles finishing with warp wall

2.  Repeat Fitness Course #1 for better time

3.  Parkour Set Course Speed Run

4.  Parkour Open Course Speed Run

5.  Free Style Round




A two (2) minute warm-up per athlete will be allowed for Course #1 only.  Spotters will be provided.  Athletes will be timed on how long it takes them to work their way through the obstacles set on the course.  



Scoring will be determined by the ranking of each fitness course by fastest time in the flight and/or age group assigned.  1st place with fastest time receives 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points and so on.  The ranking total from all 3 fitness courses will be the final score per individual athlete.  The lowest final score will be the competition champion in their flight and/or age group.


** Team scores will be based on the top 3 final scores from all age groups. The team with the lowest total score will be the team champion for the entire competition. 



All athletes will receive a participation medal

Top three (3) final scores by rank per flight and/or age group will receive special competition awards

Top three (3) teams who register in the team competition will receive a special team award based on rank.

1st place team will receive a team banner



Athletes will be walked through the first set course to see the route of the course and where the targets are located prior to running the course. For round 2 and the open course, athletes will have two (2) minutes per athlete to create a route and see targets before beginning round 2. For round 3 will also have a warm-up period for athletes to create their free style run.



Scoring will be determined from the following four (4) categories.  Each category will have a maximum of 10 points each for a total score of up to forty (40) points. 

  1.  EXECUTION/FLOW - How well the athlete transitions between tricks and obstacles and how well tricks and movements are performed. Athletes need to show fluid transition between tricks and each obstacle with little or no hesitation (strategic pauses to prep for large tricks or to appeal to the crown should not draw a penalty).  In addition, athletes need to show clean landings, crisp rotations and obvious intent.

  2.  CREATIVITY - How well the athlete uses the course.  Athletes should use as much creativity as possible in the performance of their tricks and movements using as many obstacles as possible within the alloted time allowance for their age division.  Judges are looking for uncommon tricks, unusual combinations and/or using the obstacles in creative advanced or unintended ways.

  3.  DIFFICULTY - How difficult the run is based on the age division.  Athletes should show high proficiency in their tricks and movements.  Advanced tricks for the age division will be awarded if performed.  Do not attempt tricks that are not mastered.


All athletes should be reminded the best scoring runs will be those that are withing their definite skill level.  Example:  Doing four super difficult flips with nothing in between and without stuck landings will bring up your difficulty but cause low flow and execution scores.  Athletes are encouraged to be yourself . . . your best score will come from your style and tricks you have 100% confidence in.  Safety first.  We do not want anyone to get hurt trying tricks above your skill level.  Athletes will be ranked according to their final total score.  Only 1 run per athlete.



Athletes will participate in three (3) rounds:  Set Course Speed Run, Open Course Speed Run and Freestyle Round.  Athletes will be ranked from lowest to highest times in the speed rounds and highest to lowest score in the freestyle round.  The overall winner will be the athlete with the lowest average ranking across all 3 rounds.  Overall awards will be given to each athlete.  Special awards will be given for the fastest time in each speed round and for the best trick in the freestyle round.


If entered in the team competition, team awards will be given to the top 3 teams with the lowest overall score from the three (3) highest ranked athletes from all age groups.